VDL Delmas

VDL Delmas GmbH is a producer of:

The company was founded in 1989 by Dipl. Ing. R. Delmas and is consequently operating successfully in the field of thermodynamic engineering and construction for more then
30 years. Since 2003 our company is part of the "VDL-Groep" (Netherlands).

Manufacturing of our heat exchangers and cooling units takes place in our factory in Berlin and in efficient production plants with careful assistance of project engineers according to our own design and production documents.
Our quality management board guarantees compliance with the requirements of quality management system as well as our inspection plans throughout the entire manufacturing process. Supervision of production and inspection is constantly done by VDL Delmas production inspectors. Our quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 is certified and monitored by TÜV-Rheinland.


Our heat exchangers and cooling units are individual designed and built for each application. In this way optimal solutions are found for each case of operating conditions.
Since there is such a wide range of applications, the requirements for heat exchangers vary. Choosing the design wich is best-suited for a particular application is of great importance.
We plan, design and deliver:

Element-heat exchangers carried out as: 

  • finned tube heat exchangers
  • compakt-lamella tube heat exchangers
  • plain tube heat exchangers

Shell & tube-heat exchangers carried out as: 

  • plain tube heat exchangers
  • finned tube heat exchangers.
  • Type with:
    - U-tube bundle
    - packed floating tubesheet
    - floating head
    - fixed tubesheet

Safety heat exchangers with: 

  • double tubes
  • double plates

 Cooling units using:

  • our heat exchangers
  • high-quality equipment

Business Objectives

  • Qualified support in design together with our customers
  • Optimal problem solving
  • Quality, reliability and operational safety of our heat exchangers and cooling plants
  • Customer liaison and support as well as after sales service