Safety heat exchangers

Use and applications

The safety heat exchangers are used where operationel risk is high or environment could be endangered.

Safety heat exchangers with double-tube system

The double tube consists of two single tubes wich are connected by expansation.
One of these tubes is equipped with the necessary drainage tube system.
If a tube is damaged, the leagage is tranported through this drainage system and can be used to tigger an alarm.
If a pipe bursts, the media are not mixed; the heat exchanger remains operational until repair of the unit can be initiated.
Double tube systems are installed in finned tubes, lamella tubes and plain tube systems, in elements as well as in shell&tube type heat exchangers.

Safety heat exchanger with double plate

The safety double-plate system consits of two single plates wich are fitted together and welded to each other at the channel opening.
Both media employed in the heat exchanging process are separated from each other by a double wall in each channel. The media cannot mix if leakage occurs in one wall.
If a defect occurs, the medium flows out through the pressureless safety area between the double plates.