Heat Exchangers

Element heat exchangers

Use and application:
Cooling plants with finned tubes or compact lamella tubes for a variety of applications:

  • Air cooling plants for electrical machinery
  • Water cooling plants for cooling circuits
  • Oil cooling plants transformers and transmissions used for power plants and electric locomotives
  • Cooling plants for process engineering

Shell & tube heat exchangers

Use and application:
Owing to the different designs, there are various possibilities of application e.g.:

  • Water/water heat exchanger.
  • Pre heater for oil, water or other heat transfer media.
  • Exhaust or flue gas heat exchanger.
  • Oil cooler for lubricating oil, transformer oil or turbine oil.
  • Pressure gas cooler with plain or finned tubes.
  • Heat exchanger for chemical processes.
  • Heat exchanger for food engineering (conforming to FDA).

Plate heat exchangers

Series with brazed plate package
The gasketless compact heat exchanger combines the high efficiency of a conventional sealed plate heat exchanger with the high temperature and pressure resistance of welded models.
Operating temperature from -160°C up to +400°C and operating pressure up to 30 bar.

Series with screwed plate package
Plates out of acid-resistant, high-grade stainless steel, hastelloy oder titanium.
One-piece pressed plates with a size from 0,03 m² up to 3,25 m².
The plates with "herring-bone-pattern", for turbulent flow and high pressure strength. 

Safety heat exchangers

Safety heat exchangers are used where operationel risk is high or environment could be endangered.
We deliver safety heat exhangers with a double tube or a double plate system.

Special designs

A certain design is often necessary to conform to the available space and to be adequate for the function of the heat exchanger within the machine.
Most solutions are met by special modifications of our standard cooling systems wich offer a cost-effective variety of design for specific applications.