Cooling units with element heat exchangers

Use and application

Cooling units for a variety of applications

  • Air cooling units for electrical machinery.
  • Water cooling units for cooling circuits.
  • Oil cooling units for transformers and transmissions.
  • Trafo oil cooling units for power stations or electric locomotives.
  • Cooling units for process engineering.

Construction and design

Performance data, type and construction design are determined by the customers instructions and according to the users specification.

The construction meets the standards of pressure guidelines as well
Test certificates are issued by TÜV or other classification authorities
if required by the customer.

Upon customers request the units are completely equipped with all required components and devices as well as with the desired monitoring and controlling devices e.g.:

  • Pumps as required
  • Filters for the fluids, single or double type
  • Ion exchanger for pure water preparation
  • Standstill heating
  • Leakage detection and safety equipment
  • Air blower, incl. motor.
  • Cooling air filter.
  • Sound absorber for cooling air blower.
  • Mounting plates to dampen vibrations.
  • Instrumentation and monitoring devices for pressure, temperatur etc.
  • Power and performance regulation.