Cooling plants with air/air cooling units

Use and applications:

  • Elektric-motors and –generators
  • Electrical converter plants
  • Air pre heating powered by exhaust or waste air
  • Heat recovery plants for process engineering

Depending on the performance data required by the customer or user, several tube designs and arrangements are available:

  • Round tubes in triangular tube layout
  • Round tubes in square tube layout
  • Flat tubes in square tube layout

Construction and design

By using different arrangements of tubes (e.g."W-arrangement") the required performance and the permissible pressure loss can be achieved within the limited size of the heat exchanger.

The tubes are either seald in the tube plates with a special compound material or fixed into the tube plates by tube expansion.

Depending on the operating conditions, the following tube materials can be used:

  • Aluminium alloy
  • Brass and complex brass
  • Cupro nickel
  • Steel or stainless steel

Upon customers request fully equiped with:

  • Circulating air blower, incl. motor.
  • Cooling air blower, incl. motor.
  • Circulating air filter and leakage air filter.
  • Cooling air filter.
  • Sound absorber for cooling air blower.
  • Mounting plates to dampen vibrations.
  • Instrumentation and monitoring devices for pressure, temperatur etc.
  • Power and performance regulation.

The plants are built and tested according to the user´s dafety instructions e.g.:

  • IP54 / IP55 / IP56 / explosion protected.
  • Special design for off-shore operation.